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Sydney Household Travel Survey

This survey is designed to capture the travel behaviour of people who reside in the Sydney greater metropolitan area. The data is essential to gain a complete picture of all trip making and how travel patterns change over time. This information is needed to plan for the future travel needs of both established and developing areas. The data is used widely across the transport portfolio, by other NSW Government departments, federal departments, local councils, universities and the private sector for monitoring trends in travel, estimating patronage demand for infrastructure projects, strategic planning, policy development and local transport studies.

General information on data set

Temporal and spatial information

Time period of data collection June 1997 - June 2012
Country outside of Europe (Australia)
Federal state New South Wales,
Region, City, Municipality Sydney Greater Metropolitan Area,
Georeference available Yes

Investigation and data collection methodology

Data set variables Population, Total Travel, Vehicles in household, Bicycles in household, Distance, Travel time, Purpose of travel, Mode of travel, Mode share
Investigation design other (A Rolling Sample Survey (HTS is a continuous survey which take place throughout the year and over a period of 15 years at the moment).)
Frequency of data collection continuously
Data collection method Survey
Data collection tool Interview
Analysis unit Person, Household, Vehicle, Trip
Population Occupied private dwellings within the Sydney greater metropolitan srea, including Sydney statistical division, Illawarra statistical division and Newcastle statistical sub division.
Sample size The total sample size in the HTS each year is around 5,000 households, where between 3,000 and 3,500 households participate successfully. (Households are randomly selected and each dwellings is randomly allocated a different travel day from a randomly selected week in the year. All weeks in the year are covered annually)
Representativeness Yes

Access to data set

Collected by
  • Hunter Valley Research Foundation, Australia
  • Bureau of Transport Statistics, Transport for NSW, Australia
Contact for data set
Data format(s) Microsoft Excel
Size of data set 1 MB < 10 MB

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Date Deposited 18 Sep 2020 11:35
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