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Motor Vehicle Traffic in Germany 2010

The representative survey draws a picture of motorized road transport in Germany, with emphasis on small vehicles with up to 3.5 tonnes of payload. Other vehicles types were included on top, although in lesser numbers. The survey was carried out by requesting vehicle owners to monitor all trips that were carried out by the vehicle during one day. Information on the trip purpose, type of trip source and destination, kilometers driven, information on possible freight as well as number of passengers and others are on record. Further, information on vehicle and owner is given. In total, the survey contains information of about 70.000 vehicles that generated 120.000 trips. Survey period: November 2009 to October 2010.

Provision of microdata
The possible range of uses of the KiD2010 survey results are defined in the leaflet KiD 2010 Possible Uses.

To order the scientific use file, please fill out the agreement on the use of BMDV microdata and send it to the BMDV. After the agreement formalities have been completed, the data will be provided through the Clearing House for Transport Data at the instigation of the BMDV.

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General information on data set

Title Motor Vehicle Traffic in Germany 2010 (KiD 2010)
Website for data set
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Data Classification

Temporal and spatial information

Time period of data collection November 2009 - October 2010
Country Germany
Georeference available Yes
Additional Information Georeference is available at the level of zipcode districts as well as municipalities. In addition, precise geo-coordinates are available in a specific dataset dedicated to the spatial analysis of travel patterns.

Investigation and data collection methodology

Data set variables information on trips, information on vehicle holders, trip chains, travel patterns,
Investigation design Cross Section
Frequency of data collection irregularly
Data collection method Survey
Data collection tool Questionnaire, Protocol
Analysis unit Vehicle
Population All vehicles registered at the Federal Motor Transport Authority of Germany (ZFZR, KBA) during time of observation.
Sample size ~70.000 vehicles and ~120.000 trips.
Representativeness Yes

Access to data set

Collected by
  • WVI GmbH
  • IVT e.V.
  • DLR - Institut für Verkehrsforschung (IVF)
  • Kraftfahrtbundesamt
  • Federal Ministry of Transport, Building and Urban Development
  • Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau und Stadtentwicklung (BMVBS)
Contact for data set
Data format(s) CSV
Size of data set 100 MB < 1 GB

Deposit Information

Depositing User Dr. Sebastian Schneider
Date Deposited 13 Jul 2012 08:24
Last Modified 30 Sep 2020 08:33
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PDF KiD 2010 - Überblicksbericht Deutsch not specified Download (1MB)
PDF KiD 2010 - Schlussbericht Deutsch not specified Download (22MB)
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