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Time Usage of the Population in Germany in 2001/02

The Federal Statistical Office conducted a time budget survey in the Federal Republic of Germany in 2001/2002. Though statistics cannot fathom the dimension of time and does not have a patent remedy for the right handling with time‚ it can point out how time is actually used in everyday life. Thus‚ by the acquisition of the time usage in private housholds‚ a realistic picture can be gained which describes the situation of families or certain population groups like single parents‚ elderly people or voluntary workers. With the analysis of the in Germany for the second time conducted so-called time budget survey, the time usage in many spheres is observed: e.g. for gainful occupation, education and leisure activities or unpaid work. The study took place in about 5,400 households with more than 12,000 persons in 2001/2002. The obtained data provides i.a. answers to the questions: How has the division of labour in partnership changed? What is the amount of work for single mothers or employed parents? How much unpaid work is performed in Germany?

General information on data set

Temporal and spatial information

Time period of data collection April 2001 - March 2002
Country Germany

Investigation and data collection methodology

Investigation design Cross Section
Frequency of data collection once
Data collection method Survey
Data collection tool Questionnaire, Interview, Counting
Analysis unit Person, Household
Population population of the Federal Republic of Germany (from 10 years on)
Sample size 5,400 households with 12,600 persons

Access to data set

Collected by
  • Statistisches Bundesamt
  • Bundesministerium für Familie, Senioren, Frauen und Jugend (BMFSFJ)
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Welcher Teil der unbezahlten Arbeit nimmt die meiste Zeit in Anspruch?

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Von den unbezahlten Arbeiten nimmt die „Haus- und Gartenarbeit“ die weitaus meiste Zeit in Anspruch. Bei den Frauen ist der Anteil (63%) deutlich höcher als der bei den Männern (46%).

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