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Motor Vehicle Traffic in Germany 2002

The survey helps to draw an overall picture of road traffic in Germany. The results of the survey are supposed to support politics and administration in aligning their investment planning stronger with the actual need. Only with the awareness of the actual demand, the limited investment funds can be used with a maximum benefit. The commercial transport shows a large share of traffic on weekdays. However, in the area of commercial transport, necessary data for demand-oriented transport planning is available only on a very small scale. Empirically ensured parameters for traffic volume, choice of mode of transportation, trip chains etc. are lacking especially for motor vehicle traffic up to 3.5 tons of cargo. Therefore a relatively large share of motor vehicles of this category is included in the survey. A special focus is put on surveying traffic with "small" commercial vehicles, i.e. particularly passenger cars of commercial owners as well as motor trucks up to 3.5 tons of cargo. For drawing an overall picture of the commercial traffic on German roads, the other vehicle types like private cars - that are also used for official and commercial purposes to a high degree - and big motor trucks were included in the survey, too. Survey period: November 2001 to October 2002.

General information on data set

Temporal and spatial information

Time period of data collection 10 November 2001 - 10 November 2001
Country Germany
Georeference available Yes

Investigation and data collection methodology

Data set variables vehicle type, vehicle superstructure, permissible maximum weight [kg], cargo [kg], cubic capacity [ccm], effective output [kW], registration date, maximum velocity [km/h], branch of the economy as per ZFZR, due day, number of trips, number of trip chains, daily mileage [km], duration of traffic participation [min], economy branch, type of usage, destination address, arrival time, shape of cargo, cargo weight, trip distance [km], duration of trip [min], sex and age of driver,
Investigation design Cross Section
Frequency of data collection irregularly
Data collection method Survey
Data collection tool Questionnaire, Interview, Counting
Analysis unit Vehicle
Population motor vehicles up to 3.5 tons of cargo that are registered in Germany
Sample size 91,645 motor vehicles

Access to data set

Collected by
  • IVS Institut für Verkehr und Stadtbauwesen
  • Technische Universität Braunschweig
  • Bundesministerium für Verkehr, Bau- und Wohnungswesen (BMVBW)
Contact for data set
Data format(s) CSV, TXT
Size of data set 10 MB < 100 MB

Deposit Information

Depositing User Antje von Schmidt
Date Deposited 28 Nov 2005 14:14
Last Modified 30 Sep 2020 08:33
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PDF KiD 2002 - Schlussbericht, Band 1 (inkl. Datensatzbeschreibung) Deutsch not specified Download (13MB)
PDF KiD 2002 - Schlussbericht, Band 2 (Anhänge) Deutsch not specified Download (17MB)
ZIP "Kleinräumige Wirtschaftsverkehrsmodelle" - Schlussbericht zum BMVBW-Forschungsprojekt FE-Nr. 70.0689/2002 Deutsch not specified Download (35MB)
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